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1What is Cooplyfe?
Cooplyfe is a social media platform that units people into self-help groups to better harness the power of numbers. The aim is to use collective bargaining to access and deliver to members two of the three basic need of humanity which are food and shelter at a price below the retail market price. Watch out for our mini marts in your neighborhood.
2What do we trade in?
We trade in food items primarily at farm gate prices but we will also assist members to access building materials and services at discounted cost. We would routinely announce the availability of various meat types, vegetables, grains etc.
3What are the benefits of joining CL?
Our compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. with Cooplyfe, you are assured to earn from both local and international opportunities, regardless where you are. Visit here to view the plan. Imagine earning from your generations in different part of the world

1Why refer?
Referral bonus will boost your earning and also your ability to access loan facility for personal or business needs.
2Will I have to refer others?
No you do not have to refer although this would limit your earning potential significantly and you will not qualify for any aid that is obtained for the use of the members. The people who you refer forms your circle of influence and act as your guarantor in the event that CL secures any facility for you from a financial institution
3Would I pay for membership?
Membership is through the payment of a registration fee of #5,500.00. This is a non-refundable fee towards the administration of the site and its other ancillary duties.

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