About us

About Cooplyfe

Cooplyfe is a financial intermediation and agricultural consultancy organization. We are pleased to have launched the drive to unite people in the common goal of financial freedom through resourceful hard work and self help. Kindly see what we intend to achieve with the appropriate numerical strength of financial members.

More Information

  • We are agricultural consultants on all forms of agricultural ventures. We'll link you with experts in your chosen field to enable your agricultural business thrive
  • We intend to recruit one million financial members within a year to enable us break barriers of financing all kinds of projects presented by our members, procure items at wholesale prices and make living comfortable for all members.
  • Registered members on our websites are our financial members.
  • We do feasibility studies, business plan and industry survey for projects of members. We execute and ensure that work is done within the stipulated budget and time frame.
  • Our registered members are entitled to referral bonus from people they introduce who duly registers on the website as well as growth bonus from the growth in our registered membership
  • We intend to use our financial muscle to help members get project loans, business loans, personal loans, academic loan etc. We review the project and assist to get it properly packaged for financing.
  • Our goals are simple: the financial sector, the federal government, state government, NGOs, international bodies and other benevolent growth focused institutions recognize bodies with large registered members for every form of provision in business and farming. With our number we can bargain for low interest loans, subsidies, grants, mortgages, asset acquisition loans etc. We have our numerical strength to push our requests.
  • There would be various forms and levels of contributory money groups ranging from #1,000.00 to #50,000.00 per individual for a minimum of 48 persons per group. This is for registered members only. The design will be according to the group dynamics.
  • When the group hits numerical strength of 500,000, members with debilitating health matters would be catered for a randomly selected basis to ensure fairness although preference would be given to the most active members over docile ones.
  • Our financial intermediation work would mean that we connect our members to sources of funding, loan, grants in the society that are not exploitative. We will also provide part of the guarantee to ensure that loan is disbursed to the member